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Gilbert Pool Remodeling is an East Valley swimming pool service and repair company servicing Chandler & Gilbert Arizona.

Gilbert Pool Remodeling

With Gilbert Pool Remodeling, The difference is always clear.

Swimming time should be worry-free, without the hassle of pool cleaning. Don’t let dangerous bacteria go unnoticed; get your pool tested and treated with the right products.

Introducing Gilbert Pool Remodeling – your go-to for pool remodeling, maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. With years of experience, we’ve assisted countless homeowners and property managers in creating & maintaining a pristine swimming pool. Dive in with us today!


For more information or to request an estimate for service, contact our professional pool technicians.


A swimming pool can provide the perfect backyard getaway for you & your family



We can provide all of your commercial pool, spa, fountain, renovation, and service needs



We can help you design and build a pool that meets your unique specifications

Gilbert Pool Remodeling and
Pool Tile Repair Services

We only use quality name-brand products designed to give you the best buy for your money all while remaining dependable for years to come. Gilbert Pool Remodeling is owned and operated by one man who strives to provide a quality one-on-one personalized service that all of his customers come to appreciate. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night you are always guaranteed.

20+ years of experience

Pool Remodeling, Why you need it!

Gilbert Pool Remodeling is the premiere choice for residential and commercial pool maintenance. We provide experienced pool technicians who offer the best in preventative maintenance, cleaning, treatments, and repairs. 

Our Pool Remodeling services offer the most benefits if you don’t love your pool and want to get it in the best condition. 

All pools should have a beautiful, inviting appearance. If your pool has issues, we can provide a weekly service plan to ensure that you never have to deal with pool problems again. Here are a few of the services we offer:

Pool Remodeling & Repairs in Gilbert AZ

Booking weekly sessions with Gilbert Pool Remodeling is just as important as landscaping or cleaning your home. Without proper maintenance, your pool may start to look murky or even have several chips in the plaster, making it dangerous for use. If you have not checked your pool cleaner in some time or if you have never had professional maintenance, you may be in need of repairs and treatments to properly fix your pool.

When you book our pool technicians, you also have access to your own account manager who can help with any additional maintenance and emergency pool repair you need. Customer service is our top priority when we are not onsite maintaining your pool. Whether you want to repair a chip in your plaster or need help with your chemicals, Gilbert Pool Remodeling can be there quickly to help with any pool issue.

2500+ Pools serviced
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5000+ Pools repaired
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90% Happy clients
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Service and Repair

Swimming pool tile - Specializing in tile cleaning and installation
Handrails - Specializing in installation of all makes and models of handrails
Equipment install - Our expert technicians only install top name brand energy-efficient equipment.
Swimming pool re-plastering - Specializing in swimming pool re-plastering and all aspects of re-modeling
Acid Wash - Specializing in draining, acid washing and chlorine washing all swimming pool surfaces.
Weekly service - Our clients receive text message notification alerts regarding their weekly pool service.
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Pool cleaning service

Our weekly residential pool cleaning is designed for unscreened pools which may require extra attention because of leaves or debris. $200 a month for diving pools

Starting at $150 a month


Submit your service request
We connect you with a certified service technician
A service technician will reach out to you shortly
Back to enjoying your backyard
Submit your service request
We connect you with a certified service technician
A service technician will reach out to you shortly
Back to enjoying your backyard


Month to month service

Month to Month Service

With Gilbert Pool Remodeling, we take pride in our work and will guarantee you will like our services by providing month to month service. If you like us then you keep us. If you don’t, you simply fire us. It’s that simple. But we don’t get fired very often.

Text and email alerts

Text and Email Alerts

Our clients receive text and email alerts when their pool cleaner is in route to service their pool, when the cleaner has started to service their pool and finally when the pool service has been completed.

24hr Emergency Service

24hr Emergency Service

When your pool filter breaks down in the middle of a heat wave, or your heater goes on the fritz in the middle of winter, it makes all the difference in the world to know you’ll get help quickly.
Discounted Rates

Discounted Rates

Our clients receive text and email alerts when their pool cleaner is in route to service their pool, when the cleaner has started to service their pool and finally when the pool service has been completed.
Total Clean Promise

Total Clean Promise

We guarantee you will be satisfied with your service or we will send the pool cleaner back to do it again at no additional charge. We strive to be the best pool service company possible. But sometimes we make mistakes. But we jump to the opportunity to make it right each and every time.

What’s New at
Gilbert Pool Remodeling?

No contracts

We offer financing on approved credit

Upgrade Your swimming pool today


Why Pool Remodeling
Saves Money

Pools are expensive enough. Why wait to upgrade and get a more energy efficient pool? You could be saving money every day with a pool that has the latest pool drains, cleaners, filters, and smaller deep end. Did you know that deep end pools cost significantly more on your utility bills? You can remodel your pool to save on water usage and electricity.

You may also want to change the lighting in your pool to LEDs or add waterline tile to polish over blemishes, adding a whole new look to your pool area.

There are also ways to make pools safer with handrails or deck resurfacing. Many of the older homes have concrete decks, but adding a coating called acrylic lace to protect the concrete and add anti-slipping layers.

We offer a range of services to remodel your pool for a contemporary look and modern functionality. Gilbert Pool Remodeling’s pool remodeling services have helped many customers with their older pools and decks.

Need a consultation? We’ll provide a free quote.
Our pool technicians and remodeling teams are standing by to help with your pool. Talk to us today about specials and get a free quote on your pool remodeling project

Pool Services Included

Our mission is to provide you with the best pool maintenance and customer service in the area. All of our clients receive a guarantee to ensure that our service always goes beyond expectations.
Choose from any of these services:
  • Weekly and semi-monthly pool cleanings
  • Pump cleaning and maintenance
  • Test chemical balance and pH levels
  • Chemical treatments when necessary
  • Filter inspection and repair
  • Pool and deck refinishing

Frequently Asked

Check your circuit breaker and reset if necessary.Check your G.F.C.I. (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) andreset if necessary.If your pool light is tied into a remote system,test your batteries. Are the remote frequencies set properly?


Your swimming pool will experience normal water loss through the process of evaporation. The rate of evaporation varies throughout the USA but if you are suspecting a greater than normal loss:.Closely inspect the swimming pool interior shell for cracks and defects. If you identify a structural problem with your swimming pool, we recommend that you request an appointment with one of our skilled service technicians. Check the flexible backwash hose for any water leakage. If water is leaking out of this hose, the “O”rings will need to be replaced
inside the backwash valve.


Each swimming pool system has different water pressure tolerances. Please refer to your original owner’s equipment manual and/or startup instructions to identify the range of proper pressure for your swimming pool..If you suspect that the pressure is too high, check and clean out all debris from baskets. In addition, check to see if all your equipment valves are set properly and backwash your filter for several minutes.If you suspect that the pressure is too high, confirm that the pressure gauge reads zero when the equipment is off. If it does not fall back down to zero, you will need to replace the gauge.If you suspect that the pressure is too low, check and clean out all debris from baskets. In addition, check to see if all your equipment valves are set properly. If you suspect that the pressure is too low, check to see if the gauge reads zero when the equipment is off. If it does not fall back down to zero, you will need to replace the gauge.


The standard push/pull backwash valve is a plunger type of valve commonly found in sand and DE filter systems. Inside the valve is a plunger with two o-rings. When the valve is put into the backwash position, the flow of water through the filter is reversed. After putting the valve into the backwash position, the water is pumped out through the backwash rather then being returned to the swimming pool. Typically, a hose is attached to the valve so the operator can direct the water flow away from the swimming pool.Normally, there are four “O” rings in this type of valve. If these rings become damaged, worn or dried out, two things will occur. Unfiltered water may return to the swimming pool and/or the swimming pool will begin to lose water..Cap “O” Ring (1) seals the removable cap to the valve body. This “O” ring requires light lubrication and should be cleaned and lubricated each time the cap is removed. Shaft “O” Ring (1) is inside the cap and provides a seal where the plunger shaft goes through the cap. This “O” ring requires light lubrication. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the shaft immediately above and below the cap and then work the shaft up and down. This should be done once per month or when the shaft becomes difficult to move.Piston “O” Rings (2) are on the pistons or discs of the plunger. These rings require heavier lubrication. TURN OFF YOUR FILTER PUMP. Remove the cap and pull the plunger all the way out. Check the two “O” rings to make sure they are not damaged. They should fit snugly on the pistonswith no kinks or twists. Apply a pencil-sized bead of lubricant around each “O” ring and insert back into the plunger. Re-install the cap. This should be done once per month (or as necessary) when the shaft becomes difficult to move.
Most manufacturers recommend that the following procedure be done on an annual basis. Disassemble the filter, clean with garden hose, inspect the grids for tear and holes and re-coat new D.E..This type of filter utilizes D.E. powder to strain debris from the water (as recommended by the manufacturer). D.E. is the fossilized remains of plankton (diatoms) that have been ground into a fine powder. The cloth-covered grids within the filter must be pre-coated with D.E. powder for the proper filter operation. Pre-coat the filter grids by mixing a combination of D.E. and water. The slurry solution should have the consistency of watered down pancake batter. Slowly pour this slurry into the skimmer while the pump is running. Once the grids are coated, the debris will be removed from the swimming pool water. The water flows through the grids and flows out the end opening into the manifold and returned to the swimming pool. Backwashing a D.E. filter is similar to the procedure for the sand filter. By reversing the flow of water, the debris and dirty D.E. are loosened from the grid. This water is washed out of the filter and into the backwash line. After this is completed, the D.E. re-coating of the grids can proceed. D.E. powder is non-biodegradable and a separation tank may be installed on your backwash line to capture all of the flushed powder particles.
You can monitor your pool’s pH level with a testing kit. There are many kinds of testing kits available; however, most homeowner versions are either reagent kits or test-strips. Reagent kits aren’t too difficult to use. You take a sample of pool water, then add liquids or tablets to it. The water changes color, indicating its chemical balance. Test-strips work differently. When you submerge them in the pool for a few seconds, dyes they contain cause them to change color. Next, match up the strip to a color chart to determine the pool’s pH level. Use this information to gauge what kind and how much of the chemicals your pool needs.

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